Sunday, July 4, 2010

Though You Forgot Me

I wish I wouldn't miss you
for only you could soothe my pain
All the times we've been through
I wish we could do it all again
The memories live in my every day
I sometimes try to ignore
but they're always in the way;
making me miss you even more
I'm trying to forget
how very perfect you are

That unworthy day I met
my dream girl that you are
how I could barely speak to you
The first night we talked
I could barely breathe, it's true
I was sure my heart had stopped
for no one else would I feel this way
You are the only one
nothing will take away those days
when I met you, my true love

How beautiful those days were
how great things used to be
Maybe someday you'll remember
that you've forgotten me.

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