Friday, June 25, 2010

What Love Is

Love is the feeling of joy you experience when
you are with the person of your dreams,
Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and
get a feeling of warmth and comfort,
Love is the feeling of care and comfort
from someone you are close with,
Love is slowly walking hand in hand with
the person of your dreams,
Love is what everyone dreams of
having when they are alone,
Love is thinking of each other
when you are apart,
Love is the feeling that you
are never alone,
Love is happiness through
someone else,
Love is thinking of
each other,
Love is smiling at
each other,
Love is eternal
Love is forever,

Love is what I feel for you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I loved you once
More than words could say
But now that love has gone away

I gave you my heart
To hold forever
I was foolish to think we would always be together

My heart you accepted
With love still to prove
Even knowing this, you still broke it in two

Now here I stand
Alone and Depressed
Not wanting to live, I have nothing left

No one knows how I feel
Because they choose not to listen
But maybe my death will teach them a lesson

As I reach for the gun
My last thoughts are of you
And how I wish your love remained true

I pull back on the trigger
And whisper good-bye
Please don't be upset, for we all live to die

Sunday, June 13, 2010

कल रात

रात भर कल वह याद आये थे
दीप पलकों पे झिलमिलाये थे

में रहा हु गुलाब भी कुछ दिन
मुझपे तब खुशबुओं के साए थे

उनकी बातों से रंग झरता था
तितलियों कि ज़बान लाये थे

राह में कोई दरख़्त ना था
फिर मेरे सर पे किसके साए थे

मैंने लहरों पे ख्वाब रख - रखकर
पानियों पे नगर बसाये थे+